Monday, August 10, 2009

Immersion with my handful mentor

Immersion Programme for a new principle in Selangor

Hari ni nak tulis kot English la... cuba...cuba... Ya la, aku ni bukan orang putih.Anyway cuba je la. If any mistake please correct me....I don't mind....keep on learning...he...he...

Syukran dan Terima kasih Ya Allah~ regarding to the immersion programme that I involved today until 14 th Ogos 2009. A lot of hands on knowledge I got from my handful mentor Pn Ho Chee Lean. I really appreciate her sincerely to guide me and kak Milah (SMK Taman Bunga Raya) . The meaningful advises are really made me confortable to know her better. Of course, I'll ask her the secret of her success in order to drive the DG54. May God bless you Pn Ho. Hey friend's, everybody have their own dream that should come thru'. InsyaAllah!! For me ....... simpan dulu la. This afternoon, we are visited to the former school of Pn Ho ~ SMK Seri Garing. Wow!! ....

Thanks a lot to Pn Jamaliah, En Pazir, Pn Suhaida, my dearest teachers and my smksk kids. Maaf kerana selalu ditinggalkan atas tugas-tugas rasmi.

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